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There are times when you just want to know more about someone. It happens.

You could want to check up on someone for personal or business reasons. There are people in our personal or business lives that we want to know more about.

You cannot simply look at someone and tell what kind of person they are or what their background is like. They could be a great person; they could be a potential serial killer. Don't make a significant personal or business relationship decision without knowing more about someone's past.

The best way to learn about someone's background is to use a professional background service. They have the contacts and the database access to find out stuff that you cannot do on your own.

You can try learn more about someone on your own if you want.

Start with going where lots of people post their information online. Start with social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook and LinkedIn offer a glimpse into someone's current life and past. You can browse this person's work and education history and take a look at some of their friends, relationships and contacts.

You can also search for people on Google. You will need to use a person's name along with their career field, job, school, city or other factor in order to find your person. You may not find a lot of good results for who you are looking for, but you may find one or two nuggets.

If you know about someone's name, city and age, you should be able to find current and past addresses and even land-line phone numbers.

However, once you have this basic data, it's pretty hard to find out much more.

At this stage, if you want to really learn much, you'll have to connect with a commercial public records search company such as,, or can help.

They can provide you with public records like birth, marriage, divorce and death. You can also see information about real property ownership, bankruptcy, civil suits, criminal records, current and past addresses, relationships, professional licenses and work certifications.

You can get the pertinent information you need to know more about the person you are curious about.