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Is a Background Check in Your Near Future?

It's not always easy to know what kind of person is really hiding behind the pleasant exterior of that co-worker of yours, or that business professional who wants to work with you.

Unfortunately, the world is filled with unpleasant surprises when it comes to trusting people.

Sure, you want to just trust everyone you meet, but you just can't. You need to be sure about these people before you trust them with your money, reputation or even love.

You need to be sure that the new person in your life is really interested in you and not just your money. You need to be certain that the new guy you are getting into business with isn't someone who has swindled people before.

Simply looking into someone's face is not enough to know much. You need to spend a little time on researching someone.

You may start a search with the online social networks. Facebook and LinkedIn can be very informative. Social networks will have some personal details, but much of it will be professional and work related.

If you're having trouble finding someone's profile, you can modify your search by using city, profession, high school, college or workplace. These sites might offer a glimpse into someone's general life. You could even try to learn a bit about this person's friends as well.

Some of the profiles will be private and maybe you won't be able to learn much. But it can be a start.

Your second step will be to use Google to search for their name. Since most people have common names, you will have to combine their name with other terms, such as location, school, job title, marriage, wedding, bankruptcy, or any other terms that are specific to what you want to learn about.

Google has a lot of pages, so the more you can narrow it down, the better your results will be.

If you know the city a person is from, you can try searching the online newspaper for their city as well. This will typically only bring back fairly recent results, but it's another resource to look at.

You can often find out more about a person with a site like WhitePages or YellowPages or one of the other name, phone number and address search site. You can often find a person's address, phone number and related people associated with those phone numbers and address.

Once you get to this stage, this may be as far as you can get on your own.

To proceed much further, you may need to connect with a professional search service that will use the info you've gathered so far to search other public, legal and criminal databases around the country.

You could try,, or

These services are pretty good at finding out the basics.