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Looking for Data Online

Now that all kinds of different data is available online, it would seem obvious that anyone could use the Internet to find out information about someone else.

And while there is more data on the Internet than what we can even imagine, the really is that finding personal details online is usually very difficult.

An individual with no connections to a police, state or federal agency database will have trouble finding much about a person, other than their name, address and phone number.

While many public databases are supposed to be available to the public, the average person doesn't have the knowledge or the experience to be able to use them.

Inexperienced searchers also need to be wary of duplicate names, because most names are pretty common, so they may end up getting the wrong details about the person they are checking up on. The wrong knowledge can be much worse than not having any knowledge at all.

A professional search company will look in many different data sources in order to compile a resume on someone. They will check federal, state, county, local and private databases for mentions of the person they are looking for.

Some of these companies include,, and

Your results will vary, but these services will look for employment info, financial records, property ownership, criminal behavior, prison time, legal judgments, birth records, marriage records, professional licenses and civil proceeding summaries.

Being curious can be a good thing. Having more information is always better, as long as the information is correct.

You can try to be your own detective and try to find the details you're looking for. But instead of you trying to find a mention of a person here or there on the Internet, you really should leave the background search up to an experienced service. These services run these types of checks thousands of times each day. They know how to do it. They have relationships with private databases and know how to access public databases.

To get started, they need to know the full name of the subject, their age, current and past cities they lived in, and a Social Security number if you know it.

These services don't really charge very much either. It's our recommendation that you try one.

Some of them will also refund their fee if they can't find anything for you.