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It's not unusual to have questions about someone you know.

We all have people in our personal or business lives that we wish we knew a little bit more about.

This person could be either a new person in our own lives or in the lives of someone else in our family or of a friend we care a great deal about. She wonders about her boyfriend's past history

You have the ability to find out more about them.

The best way to do this is by running a personal background screening report on that person.

A personal background check can show a variety of what is called public information. This data can include current and past addresses, phone numbers, family members, criminal history, property ownership, financial judgements and other public records.

Background screenings are becoming more common every day. For example, almost every employer will now run a background check on every potential employee they are seriously considering hiring. This type of employment background check is one of the most common types of background screenings being performed.

But there are many other situations where individuals are performing background checks too.

Many individuals have questions, concerns or are just being careful with people they get involved with.

Who are these people concerned with? Who are they running public records checks on?

Here's a short list of common subjects:
• Potential business partners
• Long-lost loves and relatives
• Potential doctors or dentists
• Coaches and teachers
• Old friends
• Contractors or other people who will work in your home
• Care givers who will be in your home
• New romantic interests
• New acquaintances of your family members or close friends

A background check will give an indication of a person's background and history. It will show where they lived and maybe a bit more about them, such as criminal records, legal records and other public data.

Normally, you won't see anything shocking on this report, but you may learn something pretty surprising about that person.

At the very least, you may be able to feel a little bit more relaxed once you know more about them.

It's almost impossible for you do investigate someone yourself. You will have to hook up with a company that provides this type of service.

Fortunately, there are several companies that specialize in these services. And they don't charge very much either.

There are some choices out there. has info on low-cost screening services; lists some terrific online-only options; discusses firms that specialize in criminal and public records; is for employers and landlords; and provides access to some of those screening companies.

Each day, thousands of individuals are requesting background checks.

Maybe you will be one of them.